The summer hovers just in front of us which should be a reminder that there is always something beautiful, some awakening that is about to take place that could change our lives for the better. The season is painting a new picture, if you take the time to look. Too many of us have convinced ourselves that to be settled and contained is the way life should be.

“Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves – or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth.” Ayn Rand

There so many reasons why we should start right away with the business of having fun but we find so many excuses why we shouldn’t.  My circle of friends has sadly been reduced by death of late, which has prompted this Thought today. The question I ask myself is whether I’m loving my life or am I plodding mundanely day in day out?

There are many who prefer consistency, happy to have things stay the same. When circumstances throw them off kilter they start to panic and can only gain equilibrium once their upset life stabilises again. Granted, there is a sense of serenity to be had when they know that certain things happen at a certain time and that fact cannot be negated. But if you find that all you have is routine, can you say for certain that you are doing justice to your life on earth?

I understand that some of you would like to do more but perhaps finances do not allow. Maybe you have small children or elderly parents and don’t feel that you have the freedom or time. Careers can be so demanding that you do not have the energy to get out and immerse yourself in fun. Your body may not be as able as you would like –too old, too fat, too thin or too disabled.

Notwithstanding responsibility or limitations, life offers us a canvas and we need to use all the colours in our palette to paint the best picture we can. What if I tell you that all your arguments of why you cannot do more to find fun in your life, are invalid? What if I told you that your cocoon you think is so safe is paper thin? What if I remind you that only your thoughts limit your dreams to that which you know? What if I suggest that even though you may feel limited, your fears limit you the most? Am I asking you to be radical and impulsive? If I were, would that be a bad thing? Are you limiting your experience of this wonderful life by allowing others to choose your colours and paint brushes?

Time is passing us all by, minute by minute and yet we all think we have a tomorrow that’s guaranteed to happen. This is an illusion.. a nice thought to have and plan for. So are we going to wait for tomorrow to come so we can live? Impromptu picnics with the family do not cost a fortune. A spontaneous hike up your nearest hill to watch the sun rise or set wont upset your apple cart. Driving to the coast just to have a swim in the sea with friends cannot be bad. Playing wheelchair rugby might just be the passion you never thought you had. Snorkelling may open up a whole world you never imagined. How will you know if you never try? How will you try if you never dreamed a dream bigger than you allow.

Come on people, at the end of your life wouldn’t you love to say that you have ventured beyond what you thought was possible? Don’t save your dreams, happiness or greatness for another day. Decide today to pursue that which moves you to paint, to create a new picture. Let us say as we rest our heads on our pillows that today was a day filled with brilliant vibrant colour!