Lovely: beautiful and pleasing, especially in a harmonious way

The world has and will continue to become divided the longer we judge. It seems that we find many reasons to hate, and not enough to love. Reasons ranging from religion to weather! Has the need to control now become a basic element in our survival? Why is it easier to point fingers at others? Is it better to make our sins and failures less obvious by showing others up? Gosh!! What a sad state of affairs!

I do believe that we all can make a difference in our world if we want to. Notice I said: "Want to". If the will is not there the action will be absent. My thought for the weekend is as follows:

“What would be the worst that can happen if we all try to see the good in each person?” Judy Mills

Whoever you meet, whoever is in your life right now, whoever has passed through your life at some stage, I want you to think of something positive and good about them, however small. Let’s face it; we will never get on with each and every person in this world in every respect. As humans, we are gregarious in nature, but we all come from different backgrounds, have different ideals and morals, and to expect that we can please everyone all the time and live in absolute harmony, is expecting too much.

What I'm asking you to do is, that even though we may have different viewpoints, to delve into each relationship and find the good in it (Oh, and remember, even though you may have enemies, you still have a kind of relationship with them, all be it a hateful one). Let me put the spoke in the works here for an instant, and run with this thought. Did you know that ANY tie can bind? Love binds just as strong as hate. There is a reason why you choose to hate a person. If you can hate them, then you can keep thoughts about them running about in your head, you choose to remember them for whatever reason!! Analyse your reasons behind your emotions, and try converting the negative thoughts into positive ones. Perhaps you may not like a person because they are bossy, but perhaps they are hiding behind this facade, because they are really soft inside and are afraid to show it. Perhaps they need a friendly smile, in spite of their angry bossy attitude. Perhaps they need to be liked "in-spite-of", just like you.

Try to make a small mental effort to like something (anything) about everyone you know. Perhaps it’s the way they dress, or their shiny white teeth, or their cute laugh! Perhaps it’s something less superficial like their kindness, their loyalty or their thought processes. People pass through your life for a moment, a season or a lifetime - why not make each meeting special? It’s no skin off your nose in the end. How would you benefit? You will find reasons to love, rather than hate and including love into your life can only lead to a happier existence.

I challenge you to try!! Is it too much to hope that the world will be more peaceful for our children in the future? No, there is always hope, but hope doesn't do much by itself, we need to add a little action!!



09/26/2013 16:30

I have been trying to achieve this for a while and I am getting there, I do find most of my relationship are getting better for it...except for one which I do want to change but it does not seem to get any better. I look for all the reasons....but time will tell


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