There is a place for sadness. I do not think that we should hope and wish for happiness alone, for how would we know what happiness feels like if we had nothing to compare it to?

I once met a ‘traveller’ (I call him that because I met him only once) at a time when my heart was shattered and somehow he could see the sadness in my eyes, although I had tried so hard to keep it all together. He just looked at me, told me to cry until all the tears had washed my soul – for tears, he said, are like a strong detergent, they wash away all the dirt that covers an otherwise serene soul.

Needless to say, the waterworks opened like a flood gate again and I allowed myself to cry – to open up the emotional gate and let it all out. His words have remained with me till this day, when I share them with you now.

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light – Jean Giraudoux

There are times when we are faced with situations that cause us to feel sad, to bear the crushing weight that almost squashes our inner being. Hard as we try, tears well up inside and we have to let them flow, albeit in the quiet recess of our pillows at midnight, around the corner at work, on a friends shoulder, in the arms of a stranger and if we are lucky in the arms of those that love us. We need to grieve that we feel we have lost, we have to shed those tears in order that we may cleanse our souls enough to stand up again and face the world.

Do you feel sad but you think everyone will think you weak if you show it? I strongly advise against those thoughts. Being the apparent strong one just doesn’t cut it, you are not fooling anyone. You can hold it together for just so long but if you don’t deal with the emotion, your body will feel that stress – you can become ill or depressed and it will take so much longer to get over that hurdle under the weight of grief.

There is no shame in sadness, there is no time limit either. Have you experienced a friend who tries to make you feel better by changing the subject? It is just their way of showing you how much they care, but it doesn’t allow you to work through those feelings. Appreciate their care, but teach them the value of hugs and an ear just to listen. Inside of us all we know we cannot fix everything but we will find a way to change our perspective of the situation and make something good come out of the darkness we feel.

I say to you today, if you are feeling sad about something CRY. Cry until you feel there are no more tears, then cry some more! Know that when the tears stop, the heart will be lighter, the zest for life will return, the creative side will show again and the sun will shine for you. Only this time and in times to come, (for this will not be the only sorrow that will cross your path) you will have grown to appreciate just how much life has to offer. Sometimes the best way out is through.



John Howell
05/26/2014 05:36

Thank you so much for this. I'm in such turmoil at the moment.

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07/21/2015 09:54

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