Death: The ending of all vital functions or processes in an organism or cell, the destruction or extinction of something

La Niña has graced our part of the planet in all her glory! We have seen floods, torrential rain, and humid hot cloudy days with slices of sunshine for weeks now. Houses are under water, rivers have burst their banks and many have been left homeless to pick up the pieces of their material goods to carry on their lives.

Speaking to friends, colleagues and acquaintances the past few weeks has brought the question of the uncertainty of life in so far as what happens after we die. There have been some interesting viewpoints bandied about and it led me to think that often we are obsessed with dying.

“It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by Providence as an evil to mankind”Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

There are but 2 certainties: we must die and we must live until we die. Now no matter what religion or culture we may be following, humans have this thirst for security after our physical bodies are no longer able to support ‘life’.  There are debates around re-incarnation, walking the streets of gold, dust to dust, spirits that never leave the earth, purgatory, fire and brimstone and rewards for good behaviour on earth. Do we view death as an evil as the quote above states?

Why is it that so many of us cease to enjoy life to the fullest because we are afraid of death? The negativity we litter our minds with serves little purpose for our core function is not to judge... it is to love. Our inner being is designed to love, to live, to reach out to others. Do we not rob ourselves of the joys of being alive? There is much beauty to behold, moreover much laughter to experience, love to give, experiences to share that is here for the taking. Fear and uncertainty should be pushed far back into the furthermost recesses of our minds so we can enjoy living!

Are you fearful of death? What is it that scares you? Is it that you are afraid of letting go perhaps you feel that there is still so much to do before you die? If this is the case, why are you not doing all the things you would like to do right now? Are you afraid of leaving your loved ones? Why? Do you not re-assure them of your love and support while you are alive? Perhaps you should! Are you afraid of losing someone close to you? Yes, you will miss them but should you not celebrate their life and the impact they had on ours instead of wishing them back? Are you afraid that you will be punished for your wrong doings while you were alive? Why not make amends, reconcile with your enemies and endeavour to be nicer, more giving, more patient, more honest starting today?

Come on everyone, let us all start living with fervour, enthusiasm and enjoy every breath we take. We have been given the gift of life – let’s live it!

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margaret burckard
03/25/2014 12:26

I only learnt the meaning of living my life fully after losing my father 2 and a 1/2 years ago. You truly may never be granted another day to enjoy, laugh, reach out - you may also never be given the time to "one day" do what you always wanted to do. Even a banal everyday experience like going to do your grocery shopping can be an interesting life experience when you are truly in the moment. Look around you at the lonely, stressed,scared or happy people. Make eye contact (not in a scary way) & somehow you will have interacted with them. Really listen when someone talks to you - you'd be surprised what you may learn.
I truly hope that there is an eternal happy life that awaits us one day. I am sure that it is everyone's dream to be re-united with a departed loved one. In the meantime though - life is important - live it every day. Cherish it and save it where you can.

04/12/2014 01:08

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